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Rajinder Motors Ltd New & Used Car Sales

Want to Convert your Car?

Looking to purchase a new vehicle?  Rajinder offers the very best selection of quality new Toyota cars and trucks in the Kilimanjaro region. 


Want to buy a new car?

Recognizing the demand for various preferred brands of vehicles, RSA provides a wide range of manufacturer options. RSA industry partners include Nissan, Land Rover, Ford, Suzuki and Toyota. Our fleet of vehicles offers an extensive selection of quality and competitive options to fulfill the needs and economics of a broader safari tourism market

Our clients agree RSA Safari Cruisers exceed expectations and are customized to the specific needs of each customer, all while delivering the highest standards in safety, comfort and reliability.  Our professional and highly knowledgeable team is why RSA Safari Cruisers are a recognized and respected name.Type your paragraph here.

RSA understands you and your business.  Together our futures are mutually dependant on each other’s success. For nearly two decades our superior level of service to our clients, regardless of size or budget, has allowed us to anticipate and adapt to evolving market conditions and needs.

Not only will you see RSA vehicles on the plains of the Serengeti, the strength and adaptability of our vehicles are able to service a more diverse clientele.  From anti poaching units, government organizations, mining operations and NGO’s RSA continues to be the leading provider of Africa’s all terrain vehicles and accessories.

At the heart of your business is the substantial investment and maintenance of your vehicles. Season after season, year after year, RSA cars have proven to exhibit outstanding performance.  As the pioneer in the field, our technology ensures the longevity of your vehicles, and a protection of your financial investment.   Our efficient designs are built to last while never compromising the comfort and safety of your clients.

An extensive investment in Research and Development of the conversion process ensures our clients with exclusive designs and evolving technologies, creating a far superior end product. Continuous innovation and manufacturing top quality products, is attributed to becoming the market proven leader across Africa, and receiving the “Tanzania Bureau of Standards" (TBS) certification.  This esteemed recognition is the first and only ever in EAC for a product of this kind.