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Rajinder Motors Ltd Workshop Equipment

All Ranger equipment, from floor jacks and toolboxes to oil-filter can crushers and motorcycle lifts, share in the legacy of garage equipment done right. Ranger is the first name in quality garage equipment, whether you need wheel service equipment like the best tire machines, brake lathes, wheel balancers and wheel alignment systems; workshop equipment like workbenches, oil drains and toolboxes; lifting solutions such as floor jacks, jack stands and bike quad lifts; or even industrial-grade parts washers that blast the dirt off just about any part or component. 

Any equipment that your shop needs can be satisfied by a BendPak or Ranger product. Why waste your precious time and money with multiple garage product providers? Make RML your single source for all workshop equipment and see how much better garage life can be.

RML is the authorised agent for BendPak throughout East Africa. If you're looking for the best car lifts, exhaust-pipe benders and air compressors, bet on BendPak's tradition of manufacturing excellence. With over 45 years of experience in designing, engineering and manufacturing automotive service solutions, BendPak offers unprecedented insight. Nothing outperforms true-blue BendPak service products, because the company engineers equipment that is both safe and lasts a lifetime. 

The BendPak logo stands for the company's promise of product superiority and world-class support. Year after year, BendPak's two-post, four-post and mid-rise specialty car hoists consistently deliver on this promise. Whether it's tomorrow or 50 years from now, when you flip on the light in your shop and see a BendPak auto hoist, we want you to feel like you have the best car lift in the world.