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or Contact +255 (0)  754 400 500/ Email: rsa@rsaafrica.com

or Contact +255 (0)  754 400 500/ Email: rsa@rsaafrica.com

The Mile Marker HI Series Hydraulic Winch was intended for permanent mounting in the front or rear of a vehicle. The solenoid control valve is integrated into the winch body, and therefore always remains in the same location as the winch itself. These systems include all necessary hoses, solenoid control valve, remote control, roller fairlead with fasteners, and winch cable. To adapt to your vehicle’s power steering pump, the HI Series winches (HI9000, HI10500, and HI12000) require a vehicle specific 35-series vehicle adapter kit.

Waterproof​ Electric Winch 9,500 lbs 

The only winch to pull at full capacity on EVERY LAYER. The most efficient winch in the industry. The first winch to feature a Factor 55 ProLink. Limited Edition GatorSkin three-step paint coating for extreme durability. For more information Click here.

Heavy Duty Series Wound Motors and rugged planetary gear sets are the backbone of this expedition grade winch series. Featuring 19 seals throughout the assembly to keep any and all contaminants outside of the unit. The totally redesigned exterior features NO CHROME construction: stainless hardware, black zinc clutch handles, and anodized aluminum tie bars. Each roller fairlead is now coated with Dacromet®, a world-class metal coating known for its anti-corrosion properties. Mile Marker has also implemented a new submersible solenoid design with marine-grade connections at the Remote Control plug and socket. For more information Click here.

The fastest, best equipped 8000 pound winches in the industry. Boasting blazing line speeds, a high output series wound motor, and an anodized aluminum hawse fairlead, these are the essential winches for overland explorers and competition rigs seeking to quench their adventurous thirst as they traverse the globe’s harshest conditions. Backed by Mile Marker’s two year warranty (one on the solenoid), and 30 years of manufacturing expertise.  For more information Click here.

Mile Marker is a well-established, highly regarded company in the automotive aftermarket and OEM sector. Mile Marker designs and manufactures unique, high-quality and highly durable products for your off-road vehicle. Their products include locking hubs, conversion kits, electric winches and the legendary hydraulic winch system.

Waterproof Electric Winch 8,000 lbs

Gator Waterproof Electric Winch 9,000 lbs

Hydraulic Winch 9,000 lbs 

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